The Free Shot in Basketball and the Success in Every Minute

The Free Shot in Basketball: Successes in Every Minute of the Game
We present a descriptive analysis of the free shot produced in 74 games of basketball  (external link) of the ACB. The number of free throws played by the home team and the away team were counted along with the success percentage per minute of the game.

The results indicate that, as the game goes on, the number of free throws increases, especially in the last quarter of the game. During extra time, the away team throws almost twice the amount of free throws and with better percentages.

There is a significant correlation between the game minute and the number of throws played by both the home team and the away team.
Observations were made of the need to adapt and personalise free throw training, working on aspects of visual and attention control and trying to control and manipulate cognitive anxiety.

KEY WORDS: basketball free shot , basketball, percentage of success

By López Gutiérrez, C.J. and Jiménez-Torres, M.G.

Read the Complete Doc at: http://bit.ly/11RiOi8 (external link)

Spanish ~ Español - El Tiro Libre en Baloncesto: Aciertos en Cada Minuto de Juego


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