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The Box Score Stats

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The Box Score Stats

by Mario Sebastiani, Spain - March 30, 2002

A Box Score summarizes a Basketball game, and displays all of the major statistical categories for every player who entered the game.
Box Score stats are those stats that are officially recorded for each game and reported in the box score.
Here we add to those stats that are officially recorded and reported for each game, our interpretation and vision of a complete box score.

The perfect Box Score, and there is no so much like this, should fulfill the following principles:

A referential opening box should include: City; Sports Hall; Competition; Game; Date; Start Time; Attendance; Income; Referees; and Commissioner.

Just under the names of the two Teams and the final score, must be included the score by quarter breaks down each team's scoring totals by period:

Panathinaikos BSA Athens  74  vs.  66  Efes Pilsen Istanbul
          (23 - 10;  15 - 13;  15 - 25;  21 - 18)

Only after (but not instead of!) this basic information you can give an additional one: accumulative score at each 5 minutes, including after each quarter and half.

                    5'  Q1  15'  Q2  25'  Q3  30'  Q4  OT
Panathinaikos     9   23  30   38  45   53  61   74
Efes Pilsen       7   10  16   23  34   48  56   66

At the top of each team's box, the name of the coach and the Time Outs required.
The starting lineups for each team must be listed first in the following order by position: small forward, power forward, center, second guard and point guard.

     PLAYER     POS
     ANDERSON     SF
     TABAK        C

Substitute players are listed in the order in which they enter the game. Players who do not play in the game must be listed as DNP to the right of a player's name to indicate that he Did Not Play.

     PARISH     DNP - Coach's Decision
     WILLIAMS   DNP - Injured

The last line of the list is reserved for a "Team Player"; or "Team/Coach", which will receive the "team stats" as team rebounds, technical fouls to the bench or the coach, team steals o turnovers. See Stats Glossary for references.

The columns of statistical totals for each player are displayed below: the heading abbreviations are defined in the next article: Box Score Terminology.

   PERSONAL FOULS: Made / Received
   FIELD GOALS: Made / Attempts | Percentage
   2 POINTS: Made / Attempts | Perc  entage
   3 POINTS: Made / Attempts | Perce  ntage
   FREE THROWS: Made / Attempts | Perce  ntage
   REBOUNDS: Offensive / Defensive | Totals
   ASSISTS: Made / Received
   BLOCKS: Made / Received

A team rebound is recorded when a team gains possession as a result of a missed shot but no one player gains control of the ball.

Below of the game box score must be listed the following information:

                          Panathinaikos          Efes Pilsen
Biggest Scoring Run:         8 (2:33)               9 (2:22)
Biggest lead:                19                     2
Lead Changes:                 6                     4
Start Five Scoring:          54 - 72%              60 - 90%
Bench Scoring:               20 - 28%               6  - 10%
Points in the Paint:         12                    16
Points Off Turnovers:        21                     8
Fast Break Points:           23                     6
Fouled out:                   1 (Rebraca)           1 (Onan)
Technical:                    0                     0

And finally, the rankings: a good box score may include ranking stats and ratio stats, as the following (see Stats Glossary for references): Tendex; eBA (Efficiency Basketball Analysis); OER (Offensive Efficiency Rate); Off.Rebs/Missed F G; Def.Rebs/Opp.Misses FG; Assists/Turnovers; Pts./Min.; Pts./40'; and much others.
This ranking and ratio stats have a tremendous appeal to coaches and are very useful, specially at half time recess, but only if they are based on absolutely true statistical data.

In our opinion, if there are a simple doubt about the data, its preferable not to use this type of stats for a box score at a live game.
In another words, Ranking or Ratio Stats must be applied only at the post game analysis work, particularly after the Video Analysis.

See Analysis by means of Video for references.

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