The Bounce Pass

by John Volger ~ August 28, 2007

Spanish ~ Español - El Pase de Pique

The bounce pass is a fundamental passing technique. The player passes the ball to a teammate by bouncing the ball off the floor. A successful bounce pass can easily result in an assist because a bounce pass is harder for defenders to intercept.

The bounce pass should travel from your waist to receiver´s waist. The ball should bounce about 2/3 of the way to the receiver. You should follow through as in chest pass with your thumbs down. The backspin that this creates slows the ball down when it hits the ground and makes it easier to catch.

At the same time, a bounce pass may still be intercepted due to its slower speed. Thus, a player is required to use his or her best judgment when determining whether or not to throw such a pass. The move has to be executed perfectly because a bounce pass just in front of the defender will result in a turnover or a hard catch for the receiver of the pass.

This particular pass can result in lost balls and is not considered a basic pass - rather as an alternative in a range of options seeking space in the defense and good safe receipt by a team-mate.

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