Reverse Action Offense

Reverse Action Offense:
Although the basic guard around continuity is fairly simple , it is a bear to defend because of its precise execution and footwork . The weakside wing's rub cut off a post screen to the basket is its most recognizable option; however, Reverse Action also affords for a very strong post up game along with a two player guard around isolation along with providing numerous quick hitting counters against any defensive overplay .

The Basketball  (external link) Reverse Action Offense was first introduced and utilized by Hall of Fame  (external link) Coach, Pete Newell,  (external link) back in the late fifties.
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092309 ~ About the Reverse Action Cut

The key to the Reverse Action offense is patience and execution of off ball post screens. Since offensive options are dictated by how the defense is playing, players must be efficient in recognizing and attacking defensive deployment.

It takes three components to successfully execute an off ball screen: passer, screener, and Receiver. All three have to think and function as one unit. This requires proper footwork, timing, non-verbal communication, and experience.
Proper screen execution does not only free up shooters, but it also eliminates any offensive fouls.
Brian Denver

011910 ~ About the Reverse Action Entries

Reverse Action does not rely on a single entry pass which makes it very difficult to disrupt. Any pass and/or dribble can initiate the Reverse Action continuity. Although team personnel will favor certain entries, the defense deployment will ultimately dictate which entry to use.
John Volger

102211 ~ About the Reverse Action Offense

The Article: The Reverse Action Offense (external link)
Roberto Azar

Basketball  (external link)
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame  (external link)
Pete Newell  (external link)
CybersportsUSA  (external link)

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