RIP, by Gomez & Moll (1980)

Gomez & Moll create in the year 1980 a basketball  (external link) statistic denominated Individual Efficiency at Games - Rendimiento Individual en los Partidos - (RIP) to border on the other analysis exclusively centered on the players points made.
The RIP is calculated in a similar way to the TBPS :

Rebounds: +1 punto
Steals: +1 point
Turnovers: -1 point
Blocks: +1 point
Assists: +2 points
Missed Field Shots: -1 point
Missed Free Throws: -1 point
Offensive Faults forced: +1 point
Points Made

RIP= ((point|Pts.)) Made + ((rebound|Reb)) + ((steal|ST)) + ((block|BKS)) + ((offensive foul|OF)) forced ) + ((assist|Assists)) * 2 - ( ((TO)) + Missed ((field Goal|Field)) & ((free throw|Free Shots)) )

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Spanish ~ Español - RIP


071509 ~ RIP Evaluaion

The authors comments that if the result is lower than the points made, the evaluation must be considered regular.
Gomez & Moll

Basketball  (external link)

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