Potential Assist

Potential Assist:
Potential assist is the pass to another player, being oneself in a good basketball  (external link) shooting position, which misses the shot.

For the passer only counts as a possession if the shot goes into the basket. Had the passer shot the ball himself, it would counts in the direction of possession usage, careless of whether the shot went in.

But when he passes it off to a teammate, the stats register this possession for him as an assist only if the shot goes in: so, the eBA System register for this passer a "potential assist" at the game analysis chapter. ( Read more > Comments )

Spanish ~ Español - asistencia potencial


101412 ~ About Missed and Potential Assists

For the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis  (external link) the most important pass in Basketball is not the assist , but the pass that leads to the assist.

A Basketball play usually develops with two or three passes before the score. And the game analyst see plays begin to develop long before they actually happen. Team's strong inclination for making the right pass early in a possession often leads to an easy shot – even when he doesn't get the assist.

When we speaks about potential assists we are not speaking about those MISSED ones as the assists NOT CONCRETIZED, by example missed assists disappointingly unsuccessful by fouls, bad bounces or missed shot from sure points as under the basket.

Both, the missed and the potential assists are registered in the eBA System as a game analysis element, not receiving any rate in any valuation rating.
Roberto Azar

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