Hypothesis Test

Hypothesis Test:
Setting up and testing hypotheses is an essential part of statistical inference. In order to formulate such a test, usually some theory has been put forward, either because it is believed to be true or because it is to be used as a basis for argument, but has not been proved, for example, claiming that a new drug is better than the current drug for treatment of the same symptoms.

In each problem considered, the question of interest is simplified into two competing claims / hypotheses between which we have a choice; the null hypothesis, denoted H0, against the alternative hypothesis, denoted H1. These two competing claims / hypotheses are not however treated on an equal basis, special consideration is given to the null hypothesis. We have two common situations:

1. The experiment has been carried out in an attempt to disprove or reject a particular hypothesis, the null hypothesis, thus we give that one priority so it cannot be rejected unless the evidence against it is sufficiently strong. For example, H0: there is no difference in taste between coke and diet coke against H1: there is a difference.

2. If one of the two hypotheses is 'simpler' we give it priority so that a more 'complicated' theory is not adopted unless there is sufficient evidence against the simpler one. For example, it is 'simpler' to claim that there is no difference in flavour between coke and diet coke than it is to say that there is a difference.

The hypotheses are often statements about population parameters like expected value and variance, for example H0 might be that the expected value of the height of ten year old boys in the Scottish population is not different from that of ten year old girls? A hypothesis might also be a statement about the distributional form of a characteristic of interest, for example that the height of ten year old boys is normally distributed within the Scottish population?

The outcome of a hypothesis test test is 'reject H0' or 'do not reject H0'.

Spanish ~ Español - test de hipótesis


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