Double in the Post

Double in the Post:
There are many ways to double in the post: doubling from the wing who passed to the block allows the post player a clear vision to the help defender and a simpler pass back out to the perimeter, leaving that defender "locked up" on the wing.

Also referred as " Dig or Double in the Post ". ( Read more > Comments )


091709 ~ Dig or Double in the Post

Some basketball  (external link) teams switch from game to game based on scouting. At the lower levels it may be more efficient to have one consistent style.

Doubling with another post defender leaves the post to post pass open and puts pressure on rebounding and causes problems.
If all players are where they should be in relation to the BALL-MAN-LINE, it should be an easy double from the defender on (or near) the point or the weakside wing defender (who should be on the key by now).

It's better to double from the top, with high hands, and have the weak side defender "zone up" in the middle. That "zone up" player is responsible to close out on the next pass. The "doubler" now rotates to the next offensive player.

This aggressive double and rotation sometimes causes a little confusion in an inferior passing post player and force them into turnovers.
Daniel Ferrero

Basketball  (external link)

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