Double Down Off the Passer

Double Down Off the Passer:
One way to neutralize the basketball  (external link) post player is to double down (a guard leaves the man to double team a forward or center on the blocks).

The player defending the entry passer follows the pass and collapses on the center , who find himself with a big body on his back and a pesky guard or forward in front, swiping the ball. The offensive center's best bet is to return the pass to the player who fed him the ball.

Doubling down can lead to a a bonanza of three-pointers for the wing player left unattended. You have to factor how dangerous a shooter that wing player is when considering the double down.

As the player doubling down, you must not lose sight of the offensive player who made the entry pass. Smart ones will slide to another spot when you leave them to double down. When you got to help , keep yourself in a triangle between your man and the ball. If your man cuts to the basket or to the weakside of the court, either follow him or yell, "Rotate!" so that your teammates help you out.


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