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Bad Dribble

Case Study
Category: Steals
Event: Bad Dribble: It's Turnover but Steal ?
Documentation: eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System  (external link)
References: Webinar #11 ~ Basketball Steals Analysis  (external link)
Spanish ~ Español: Mal Drible
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A1 is dribbling when he deal with the ball inefficiently and it bounces toward B2, how we record this play ?


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To earn a steal, the defensive player should be the initiator of the action causing the turnover, not just the benefactor. For NCAA and FIBA the steal should be a take-away, not just a recovery and not just a forced error. For us, according to our eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System , the "forced error" concept is different at all.

eBA Basketball Statistical Tracking=
NCAA & FIBA do not credit B2 with a steal as he did not initiate the action, I suggest the following: analyze the action by means the game video-tape and credit B2 with a steal if there was although a minimal action of the player as the cause of the turnover , on the contrary a "team steal" will be recorded.

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