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The ABT was a basketball  (external link) made up by the street ball legend, Main Event. Here the ballhandler does the streetball version of the wraparound, but half-way through the player pivots, off the same leg as the arm used to do the wraparound , in the same direction as the limbs used to start the trick.

Make sure to dribble the ball with enough arc behind the back for you will need to get the ball between the defender's legs in order to fullfill the mover. Once you've released the ball to go through your opponent's legs, you continue the pivot in order to go around them and recapture control over the ball.

Make sure to only use this move when there is only one defender on you and your placement should be behind the three point line in order to avoid interferance from any of the other players on the court. ( Read more > Comments )


041510 ~ The ABT's Effectiveness

The ABT's effectiveness is superb, but will take practice in order to master such a move. It's effectiveness is held within it's three parts: the 'around, back, and through.'
By performing the 'around' portion of the trick, the defender is stunned and left uncertain of direction, and due to this they'll widen their stance and dare not to step back.

Since the legs are more well spread it makes it easier to get the ball between the legs; once you've released the ball to do so, the defender will be less lyable to move as they believe you've passed the ball making it even easier to recover.
To fully gain control of such a move you must first master the 'wraparound,' the 'behind-the-back,' and the reverse pivot.
Sandra Mirsov

Basketball  (external link)

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