Video Analysis Rules

This is the second of a serial of articles which should provide you the way of analyze a Basketball game by means of video. We are entering to the proper work of the video tape analysis for Basketball. Brian Denver, from "Scout4Winning", will give us characteristics of his unique digital multimedia system for editing and analyzing video films for Basketball games, and will return us to Basketball Video Analysis I trying to give each coach and scouter the insiders tips for a self work.

As we enter to describe the video analysis, we must recognize the following factors:

Ø Num., Name : Player's ID number and name
Ø G, MP, MPG : Games Played, Minutes Played, Minutes per Game
Ø FGA, FGM : field goals Attempted, field goals Made
Ø 2PA, 2PM : Two pointers attempted, Two pointers made
Ø 3PA, 3PM : Three pointers attempted, Three pointers made
Ø FTA, FTM : free throws attempted, free throws made
Ø ST, STL : Steals
Ø BK, BLK : blocks Made
Ø BKR, BR : blocks Received
Ø TO: Turnovers

Ø UF: Unforced Turnovers

Ø R, Reb : Rebounds
Ø A , AS , AST : Assists

Ø PAs : Potential assist
Ø MAs: Missed assist

Ø PF : Personal Fouls
Ø PF+ : "Good" Personal Fouls
Ø PF- : "Bad" Personal Fouls
Ø PF= : "Neutral" Personal Fouls

Ø Ps, Pt: points per Game
Ø Pos: Position

For references about terms go to the Global Basketball Encyclopedia. The concepts are deeply explained at The eBA Basketball Statistics System.

Player Abilities:

Ø Num., Name: Player's ID number and name
Ø Pos: Position
Ø Ag/Yr: Player's age (Pro) or Year in School (College)

Ø Ps: Passing

The passing ability relates to a player's ability to pass, catch passes, and defend passes. Game eBA Analysis Reference: This is an important ability for all players who will be used in the offense (usually everyone except a defensive-only center), and specially so for a point guard.

Ø Df: defense

The defense ability relates to all aspects of defense and rebounding. A good defense player will be better at defending passes, defending drives, shot blocking and rebounding. Game eBA Analysis Reference: This is an important ability for every position, especially so for the main rebounder -usually the Center- and whoever covers the opposing point guard.

Ø Ag: Aggressiveness

The aggressiveness ability measures how aggressive the player plays. The player with high aggressiveness will get more rebounds and be a better all-around defender, but will get more fouls called. He will also get somewhat better shooting. Game eBA Analysis Reference: Aggressiveness is probably the most important at passing and rebounding positions, although players will draw a lot of fouls. As a player draws fouls during a game, his aggressiveness will diminish, in order to not being fouled out.

Ø In: Intelligence

The intelligent player knows exactly what is going on and what he should do to maximize his team's performance. This means making smarter passes and smarter shots, and getting fewer fouls. Game eBA Analysis Reference: The primary position this is important at is the point guard - PG -, the primary ball-handler.

Ø Sc: Scoring

The scoring ability obviously has the function to increase the scoring ability of the player, that means his ability to get a good look. Game eBA Analysis Reference: This ability is important for all players, and of the most importance in the inside, at the forward positions.

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