Multipurpose Offense

Multipurpose Offense:
One basketball  (external link) offense which could be used effectively against any defense.
This offense can be used against man-to-man, zone or box-and-one defenses.

"... Based on self-evaluation, talking to other coaches and players, and the experience of developing my philosophy, I went searching for offensive systems that could teach me about offense, so then I could teach my players.

I wanted an offense that could be used against man to man, zone, and hybrid defenses. I found two systems that could meet these needs, the 1-4 offense and open post motion offense. ..."
Ron Siliko  (external link) from Siliko's Splendid Shorts.  (external link)

To read the full article and watch the three videos on the Post Series, Wing Series, and entries into the offense, click here.  (external link)

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4 offense multiple purpose  (external link)
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Ron Siliko  (external link)

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