The three most important strategic elements to monitor during the flow of a basketball  (external link) game are momentum, game pace and matchup changes.

Much of the basketball game should be dictated by momentum, which can be described as having three phases: positive, negative and zero, which means up for grabs. ( Read more > Comments )

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092310 ~ The Basketball Game Momentum

As the coach reads those three basketball strategics elements, he'll be led to make or not strategic adjustments.

About the basketball momentum , avoid making changes and calling time-outs when you have a positive flow.

When there is zero momentum , try to stimulate the game with a play call, a key subtitution, or a defensive adjustment.

When the basketball game momentum is negative, be definitely on alert to make a change in your matchups, your lineup, or either your offensive or defensive scheme. In general, defensive adjustment tend to be more effective in changing momentum.

( Resumed from NBA Coaches Playbook > Basketball Defensive Strategies > Del Harris )
Roberto Azar

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