Midpost; Basketball ( Video )

Court terminology, between the low and high post in the basketball  (external link) court.

Top 5 Mid post Moves

This video from Pro Training Basketball will show you the Top 5 mid post moves you need to develop a solid post game. Here are the links to the moves if you want more details on the move!

Blake Griffin Shotchart 2014-2015. In this image from Charged.fm presented by eBA Stats Basketball statistics Analysis .

Image: Charged.fm

Blake Griffin Shotchart 2014-2015: With the advancement of statistics in the NBA, one of the most important revelations has been the confirmation that the best shots in basketball are either at the rim or from 3-point range. These are the shots that provide the highest return on your investment. Meanwhile, the worst shots in basketball are the so-called "long 2s" or shots just inside the 3-point line. The Rockets have been the biggest proponents of this line of thinking, as they regularly take the fewest number of mid-range two-point shots in the NBA. > This year they have taken it to a new extreme.


210817 ~ About the Mid Post

The mid post is a spot on the floor you should be comfortable scoring in. Often times a power forward, small forward and a center will find themselves in the mid post with a mismatch. The mid post works well when you need a little more space to get by a slower defender. The move that is being taught in this post is the RIP spin.
Darius Mitchell

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