Legal Guarding Position; Basketball ( Video )

Legal Guarding Position:
We call a legal guarding position in basketball  (external link) when a defender have both feet must be inbounds or the foul ( assuming there is a foul ) was on defense.
The change made on Rule 4-23 was made because different officials were calling it different ways, and it needed to be clarified.

In another words, if the offensive player initiates contact by trying to force his way between the defender and the sideline, it is an offensive foul, unless the defender has a foot touching the line or outside the line, in which case it is a defensive foul .
The way it is written the rule only applies to obtaining the position, not maintaining it. However, the interpretation that has come out with it also add that it applies to maintaining LGP.

The Legal Guarding Position by NTofficials  (external link)

In many ways calling the block-charge play defines us as an official. It is arguably the most difficult play we have to call. The very first lesson we were taught when we began officiating is critical in getting the block-charge play correct. That lesson of course was “officiate the defense!”

In an American court of law the defendant is presumed innocent until being proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. On the basketball court, however, the defender must prove his/her innocence and if he/she doesn’t provide this proof he/she is found guilty and charged with a blocking foul. What proof does the defender need? The defender needs to demonstrate that he/she has establish a legal guarding position.
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110917 ~ About the Legal Guarding Position

Legal guarding position is found in Rule 4 Section 23. Guarding is defined as legally placing the body in the path of an offensive opponent. Usually the defender is between the offensive player and the basket
Steve Monzon

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Legal Guarding Position – But he wasn’t set!? – Rule 4.23, 4.45  (external link)

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