Intentional Foul

Basketball Intentional Foul:
Intentional Foul - A foul deliberately committed by a defensive player to stop the clock. In college basketball  (external link), the team that was fouled get two free throws and possession of the ball .

An intentional foul is one that is done when a player does not try to play the ball. Grabbing or holding a player to stop his/her movement with or without the ball, grabbing a players shirt, etc. It is the same during anytime it happens during a game whether it is in the first half or in the last minutes of a game when a team that is behind is trying to stop the clock.

From the Rules:
"... An intentional foul is a personal foul or technical foul that may or may not be premediated and is not based soley on the secerity of the act. Intentional fouls include but are not limited to:

a. Contact that neutralizes an opponents advantageous position
b. Contact away from the ball with a player clearly not involved with a play
c. Contact that is not a legitamite attempt to play the ball/player specifically designed to stop the clock or keep it from starting
d. Excessive contact with an opponent while playing the ball
e. Contact with a thrower in as in 9-210 penalty 5 ..."

"... A foul also shall be ruled intentional if while playing the ball a player causes excessive contact with an opponent.

a. Anytime during the game. Acts that neutralize an opponents obvious advantageous position and must be deemed intentional include:

1. Excessive contact on any player attempting a try
2. Grabbing or shoving a player from behind when an easy basket maybe scored
3. Grabbing and holding a player from behind or away from the ball

These are non-basketball acts and must be considered intentional fouls.

b. Game Awareness: THe probablity of fouling in the game is an accepted coaching strategy and is utilized by many coaches in some form. officials must have the courage to enforce the intentional foul rule properly. ..."

One that the official judges to be designed, or is not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball or a player; not based on severity of the act. If a player uses excessive force or causes excessive contact while playing the ball, the foul also should be ruled intentional.

See Also: personal foul ~ flagrant foul ~ foul ~ multiple foul ~ double foul

Spanish ~ Español - falta intencional


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