Inside Cut

Inside Cut:
When the offensive player passes the ball to a teammate and cuts to the basket looking for a return pass .


2509172 ~ About 10 Basketball Cuts Every Coach Must Know

Proper cutting movements are one of the most under-taught skills in our youth programs.

A lot of the time coaches don’t worry about teaching proper cutting to their players, they say it will ‘come naturally’ with time. Well I’m here to tell you it won’t. At least not proper cutting. Cutting that will get your players open when ever they wish during a game.

Players need to learn how to get open on their own. They’re not always going to be able to use a screen to get them open for a pass. Sometimes they’re going to have to do it in isolation. That’s what we as coaches need to teach them how to do.

Players like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen can score 30 points a game without taking a single dribble just because they’ve mastered the art of reading the defense and then using the appropriate cut to get them open for the pass.

In this article I’m going to describe and show you the 10 most common cuts in basketball.
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Robert Niles

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10 Basketball Cuts Every Coach Must Know  (external link)

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