Illegal Screening

Illegal Screening:
A foul will be called for illegal screening when there is an attempt to illegally delay or prevent an opponent who does not control the ball from reaching a desired position on the playing court. The foul will be called on the player causing the contact .

An Illegal Screen~ occurs when a basketball  (external link) player on the team possessing the ball attempts to set a screen on a player on the opposing team in a manner which is illegal and provides an advantage to their team.

A screen can be defined as illegal when:

• The player setting the screen is moving their feet at the time when contact occurs
• The player setting the screen has their feet further than shoulder width apart
• The player setting the screen does not extend the hips, arms, elbows or knees outside their cylinder
• The player setting the screen sets the screen in a position that gives the defender adequate time to avoid contact with the screen.

In the event of an Illegal Screen, a Personal Foul is assessed to the player who committed the Illegal Screen, and under NBA rules, no Team Foul is assessed (though under FIBA rules a Team Foul is assessed, however even if the Team of the player who committed the Illegal Screen is over their Team Foul Limit, no free throws will be awarded). possession is then awarded to the opposing team of the player who committed the Illegal Screen, and they will inbound the ball from the sideline.

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A screen is an attempt by an offensive player to stop a defensive player from guarding an offensive player. It can be worked very effectively; John Stockton and Karl Malone were well known for their screen and roll play, also known as pick and roll play. The screener stands in the path of the defensive player in the hope that he will inadvertently crash into him, thus leaving the screener's team-mate free to run. However if the screener moved towards an opponent when contact occurs, or he did not respect the elements of time and distance, or he initiated contact, he is charged with illegal screening, which is a blocking foul.
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