Glue Guy

Glue Guy:
The glue guy is usually not the most talented basketball  (external link) player on the court, but he brings value to the team because he holds the team together with his hustle, passion, toughness, selflessness, hard work, leadership and – above all — endless energy.

They are an exemplar of teamwork and balance, standing out for their willingness to do whatever it takes to help their team win — even if it means scoring less. They're called Glue Guys because they make their teams stick together . ( Read more > Comments )


100912 ~ About the Glue Guy

They make up the essentials of most any Championship caliber team.
However, his irreplaceable role as the grinder will no doubt NOT be overlooked.
Every team needs a "glue guy."

Every great NBA basketball team has a ”glue guy”.
They are the jack of all trades that comes in and does whatever needs doing, guys that are willing to sacrifice and do some other things.
Simply put, a Glue Guy is someone who's versatile, tough, smart, unselfish — but not a star.

He's capable of scoring, but he only does so when circumstances require. He often has an unusual skill, like a guard who rebounds or a big man who shoots.

These players are critical to postseason success, but they usually go unsung.

If you're a coach, find your glue guy. If you're a player, how can you be the glue that holds your team together ?
John Volger

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