8 or 10 Seconds Rule

8 or 10 Seconds Rule:
Once a basketball  (external link) team gains control of the ball in the backcourt, it has either 8 or 10 seconds (as specified in 'Comments') to proceed to the frontcourt ( i.e. the ball gains frontcourt status ). ( Read more and Rule Differences > Comments )

Spanish ~ Español - Regla de los 8 / 10 Segundos


100210 ~ About 8 / 10 Seconds Rule Differences at different Leagues:

FIBA  (external link): 8 seconds. Count is not reset if ball is deflected out of bounds by defence or if possession is retained because of an alternating possession throw-in.

NBA  (external link): 8 seconds. Count is reset if the defence kicks or punches the ball , is assessed a technical foul, or is issued a delay of game warning; or if play is stopped due to a player bleeding. For purposes of this rule, the ball gains front court status on a pass when it crosses the plane of the centre line.

WNBA  (external link): 10 seconds; otherwise same as NBA.

NBDL  (external link): 7 seconds; otherwise same as NBA.

NCAA Men  (external link): 10 seconds. Count ends (without penalty) if the ball becomes dead (e.g., if the defensive team deflects the ball out of bounds).

NCAA Women  (external link): No time limit (other than the shot clock).
Roberto Azar

100310 ~ About the NBA Rules: Section VIII-Ten-Second Rule

A team shall not be in continuous control of a ball which is in its backcourt for more than 8 consecutive seconds.

EXCEPTIONS: (1) A new 8 seconds is awarded if the defense:
(a) kicks or punches the ball ,
(b) is assessed a technical foul, or (c) is issued a delay of game warning.

(2) A new 8 seconds is awarded if play is suspended to administer (see Commentaries below ).

PENALTY: Loss of ball . The ball is awarded to the opponent at the midcourt line, with the ball having to be passed into the frontcourt. Jorge Towns

100310 ~ About the FIBA Rules: Rule V - Art. 28

1. Whenever a player gains control of a live ball in his backcourt , his team must cause the ball to go into its frontcourt within eight
( 8 ) seconds.

2. The eight ( 8 ) seconds period will continue with any time remaining when the team that previously had control of the ball is awarded a throw-in in the backcourt , as a result of:

- a ball having gone out-of-bounds;
- a player of the same team having been injured;
- a jump ball situation;
- a double foul;
- a cancellation of equal penalties against both teams.
Mario Dunwhilly

100410 ~ Commentaries:

If a player suffers a laceration or a wound where bleeding occurs, the officials shall suspend the game at the earliest appropriate time and remove the injured player from the game.....

....ONLY the injured player may be removed from the game under these circumstances. No mandatory timeouts may be awarded if play is suspended for the defensive team. The offensive team will receive a full 8 or 10 seconds to advance the ball into the frontcourt.
The 24-second clock will remain as is or reset to 8 or 10, whichever is greater.
Roberto Azar

070511 ~ 8 or 10 Seconds Rule: Leagues Differences:

Read here the discussion at the eBA Forums (external link) about the 8 or 10 Seconds Rule: Leagues Differences
John Volger

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